Occupationial Fangirl... Problem?

Occupational Fangirl.... Problem?

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Please watch Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun



  • not your stereotypical shoujo anime
  • the main character writes shoujo manga and bases all of the male characters on girls and the girls are based off of boys.
  • mikorin is a gift
  • kashima tosses your gender roles out of the water and stomps on them
  • its super cute
  • animation is adorable
  • please watch it you wont regret it!
  • also if you do please message me and tell me what you thought because this anime needs more recognition!

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I want Elsa to have a suitor, and she’s totally not interested or maybe she doesn’t notice he is totally in love with her. And he’s constantly saying flirtatious things and one day he goes: “You don’t understand, I like you.. there’s no one ‘elsa’.” And he would nudge her and wink and Elsa would stare at him like this..


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So, I was at lunch with a friend and his sister after seeing ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, catching up on stuff and talk turned to the new series of Doctor Who - our expectations, Peter Capaldi, Jenna possibly leaving, the Matt Smith era - and his sister suddenly raises an interesting point.

"Isn’t the Matt Smith era kind of similar to Twilight?"

This caused both my friend and I to pause, and look at each other with a similar expression of puzzlement.

"Yeah - I mean the storyline is very similar," she continued "The main female character has to choose between two men from different races, makes her choice and has baby. Baby grows up abnormally fast, and ends up marrying the other man."

Despite how this theory glosses over some of the plot, it still kind of stunned me as I realisation slowly dawned on me.

I had watched a sci-fi variant of Twilight.

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She had curves in all the wrong places. She had a boob sticking out of her kneecap and I’d never seen an ass on the back of someone’s head before

She had legs that went on forever. And ever, and ever. Legs going on into the endless primordial void from which we all came from and to which we shall all return. Her toes touched infinity, her hips perched on the cessation of existence.

Is this a night vale singles ad

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#natasha is used to acting

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